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3D Earth


This is Planet Earth!

This earth is the perfect asset to enrich your presentation - be it as a background setting the mood for the rest of your show or as the main actor in showing any kind of information on the earth itself.

This Ventuz implementation of the earth comes with different texture layers like land, clouds, night lights. The demo scene sets the earth into a stunning setting with stars in the backgound and a corona around the earth itself. A light source lights up the earth and you can touch to rotate it.


  • Up to 8k textures for high resolution presentations
  • Full customizable and open containers
  • Day & Night Modes
  • Daytime & Atmosphere adjustable
  • Cloud density adjustable
  • 3 Examples (Standard Rotation, Touch & FX Example)

Product Version 1.0

VPA, open scenes

Ventuz 4 -
Ventuz 5 -
Ventuz 6 6.3+

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