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FontCreator Presets #1


The FontCreator lets you animate text in and out with stunning visuals.

The FontCreator comes with several effect presets, each of which allow for you to enrich your presentation with impressive text animations.

The FontCreator comes in two fashions. Both allow up to 16 characters not including spaces.


All AnyFont presets let you use any of the fonts on your system or in your project. The Ventuz font engine is used to render the text and effects are added on top. Therefore, the AnyFont presets will support all characters your font supports.


The CustomFont presets are special fonts that we created to achieve very unique effects. You can’t select your own font and the available characters are limited.


This package includes 8 different presets and two sample scenes that show you how to use the effect to show more than one piece of text.

Product Version: AnyFont 2.5, CustomFont 2.1

VZA, contains sealed containers

Ventuz 4 -
Ventuz 5 -
Ventuz 6 6.3+

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