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Ventuz Plugin to retrieve Weather data from

A Ventuz implementation of the OpenWeatherMap API that helps you getting live weather data into your application. It will retrieve data from the two free-of-charge APIs "Current weather data" and "5 day / 3 hour forecast". Look at the sample we built and adapt it to your needs. This Ventuz scene comes with full access to all containers, nothing is sealed.

This plugin requires a free OpenWeatherMap account!

You need to register at OpenWeatherMap and retrieve your API key. You'll need to enter this key in your scene. There are no costs involved! The Plugin supports the free APIs "Current weather data" and "5 day / 3 hour forecast". They also show you how to implement such an API and enable you to extend the current API, should you need it.

Access live weather data

  • Search by city name, zip code or location
  • Get current weather data including temperature, humidity, wind details and more
  • Get a forecast for the next few days
  • This plugin comes with a beatiful sample to get you started

Product Version 1.0

VZA, open scenes and scripts

Ventuz 4 -
Ventuz 5 -
Ventuz 6 6.3+

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