The Ventuz Store is open for all vendors who intend to offer their Ventuz related articles. Every vendor (company or freelancer) gets the opportunity to generate additional revenue with his products and reaches the whole Ventuz community with very little effort. Products will be added to the store by the store team only. The vendor will receive a quarterly payment for sales of his products together with a report on the sales numbers.

The following document describes the Store's concept in more detail:

In order to sell products in the Ventuz Store, plase read the format description document:

How to set up a product and get paid

  • Please follow the instructions in the Format Description.
  • Contact us via mail ( and we will send you a contract.
  • Read the contract carefully and if you agree, send us a signed copy via mail (
  • For each product you submit we will need a signed product tender. It contains all details for payment distribution (i.e. the percentage you will get for each sale).
  • Send us a package with all required files for your product (Product, Description, Thumbnail, Pictures, Movies) via some transfer service (ftp, dropbox, wetransfer).
  • After checking the product and the accompanying content we will inform you about the status. In case something is missing or incorrect, we will contact you.
  • Every qarter you will receive payment for all sales of your products.